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PhD 2017

The PhLAM Laboratory seeks training physicists (or physical chemist) wishing to prepare a doctoral thesis in the field of light-matter interaction from September 2017.

Applications, including a CV and a cover letter must be submitted to the principal investigators of the topics proposed.

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DNLSOB --- Development of a dedicated microfluidics device for high-throughput photoporation of biological cells

PhD Director: E. Courtade (PhLAM) — V. Thomy (IEMN)
A PhD thesis is available at Lille University as a part of the European project (ERC Consolidator Grant, 2015-2020) ”Laser induced vapor (...)

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DNLSOB — New tools for measuring molecular dynamics applied to study of transcription regulation in stress response.

PhD Director: Laurent Héliot
The cells in every organism are regularly exposed to environmental stresses (variation in temperature, pressure, intoxication ...) or consecutive endogenous stresses (...)

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DNLSOB — Investigation of ultra-fast phenomena in accelerator-based light sources, using novel photonic approaches

PhD Director: Christophe Szwaj — Serge Bielawski
In synchrotron radiation facilities, relativistic electron bunches are deviated by magnetic fields, and emit intense optical radiation at various (...)

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DNLSOB — Spatio-temporal dynamics of electron bunches in accelerator-based light

PhD Director: Serge Bielawski — Clément Evain
In synchrotron radiation facilities, relativistic electron bunches are accelerated and stored in a storage ring, where they emit light (synchrotron (...)

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PCMT — (MR)CC-in-DFT embedding response theory with accurate potentials for heavy element systems

PhD Director: André Severo Pereira Gomes — Valérie Vallet
Heavy elements (those at the bottom of the periodic table), are at the heart of modern societies due to their importance as key components (...)

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PCMT — Ion selectivity at the surface of atmospheric aerosols

PhD Director: C. Toubin — D. Duflot
Sea spray aerosol (SSA), one of the most abundant naturally produced aerosols in the atmosphere, is mainly formed through the bubble bursting process in the (...)

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PCMT — Quantum simulations of the adsorption, reactivity, and spectroscopy of atmospherically and astrophysically relevant molecules in an environment.

PhD Director: Daniel PELAEZ-RUIZ — Maurice MONNERVILLE
The accurate determination of observables such us reaction rates, uptake coefficients, absorption energies or the spectroscopical signals of (...)

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SPECTRO — Chemical and structural characterization of natural and anthropogenic aerosols

PhD Director: Cristian Focsa & Bertrand Chazallon.
Ice crystals nucleation in the atmosphere has an important impact on the radiative transfer and the clouds properties. Among the various (...)

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SPECTRO — Development of a chirped pulse microwave Fourier transform spectrometer

PhD Director: Prof. Therese Huet — Dr Pascal Dréan — Dr Manuel Goubet
The laboratory PhLAM has a recognized activity in high resolution molecular spectroscopy, namely in the microwave range. Our (...)

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