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- Post-doctoral position in Molecular Quantum Dynamics (Group PCMT)

  • Theme Quantum dynamical study of small molecules adsorbed on organic surfaces (soots).
  • Keywords Quantum dynamics, MCTDH, electronic structure (excited states).
  • Candidate Profile
    • Expertise on MCTDH quantum dynamics, on construction of vibronic coupling Hamiltonians and on electronic structure calculations for excited electronic states.
    • Experience in chemical reactivity is a plus.
  • Duration One year (Possibility of a one-year extension is conditional upon results)
  • Contact
  • Deadline 23 of November 2016

- Post-doctoral position in Systems Biology (published February 6, 2016)

  • Theme Dynamical heat shock responses in normal and cancer cells
  • Keywords Dynamics of Biochemical network, Stress Response, Cancer therapy.
  • Candidate Profile
    • Candidate with a physics background with previous research experience on biological systems,
    • Or, candidate with a biology background trained to image analysis and quantitative data analysis.
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  • Contact Emmanuel Courtade : - François Anquez :

- Post-doctoral position in the heavy element group

  • Theme Quantum chemical studies of thermodynamic and kinetic properties of uranyl nitrates in liquid phase
  • Required skills : knowledge of ab initio (DFT and post Hartree-Fock) methods
  • Additional skills : thermodynamics and kinetics in aqueous phase
  • Contact Valérie Vallet - - [Florent Réal :

- Post-doctoral position in computational systems biology