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PFEUTY Benjamin

by Benjamin PFEUTY - published on , updated on

- CNRS Researcher (CR)
- Univ. Lille 1- UFR Physique - P5-139 - Phone:+33 (0)3 20 33 70 18

Research Activity

- Team "Nonlinear Dynamics" / "Systems Biology"
- My research is devoted to exploring the dynamic and organization of protein regulatory networks, which provide living cells with sophisticated strategies to adapt to fluctuating and complex environments. To this aim, I use theoretical and computational modeling approaches and focus on various cellular functions such as

Selected publications

- Pfeuty B, A computational model of the coordination of neural progenitor self-renewal and differentiation through the Hes1 dynamics, Development 142, 477-85, 2015
- Pfeuty B and Kaneko K, Binary cell fate decision based on oscillations, Phys Rev E 89, 022707, 2014
- Pfeuty B et al, A dynamical model of oocyte maturation unveils precisely orchestrated meiotic decisions, PLoS Comput Biol 8, e1002329, 2012
- Pfeuty B et al, Robust entrainment of circadian oscillators requires specific phase response curves, Biophys J 100, 2557-65, 2011
- Full list on pubmed

Research Experience

- 2009-: CNRS researcher — Université Lille 1/PhLAM
- 2006-09: JSPS/ERATO Post-Doc — The University of Tokyo (with K. Kaneko)
- 2001-04: PhD Thesis — Université Paris-Descartes (with D. Hansel)
- 2000-01: Master in Cognitive Sciences — Hopital Salpetrière (with F. Varela)