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Les postes suivants visent à renforcer l’action menée au sein du Contrat Plan Etat Région (CPER) Photonics for Society (P4S), ce projet fait l’objet du soutien financier du Conseil Régional Hauts de France, de la DRRT Hauts de France et du Fonds Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER).

Open Postdoc position 2018

Numerical simulations of light propagation in multimode non-uniform optical fibers

Mission :
The drawing tower facility FibertechLille of the PhLAM laboratory allows the
fabrication of optical fibers whose diameter varies with the propagation distance in a
controlled manner. The core of these fibers can be passive or active (Yb or Er doping) and the fiber can also be twisted. Different aspects of light propagation in these multimode and non-uniform fibers still have to be numerically studied both in the non-linear (short pulse) and in the linear (continuous wave) regime. According to his experience, the candidate will have to realize a numerical model in order to simulate the light propagation in one of these regimes in the aim to explain or to predict phenomena that can be experimentally observed. The model must take into account the specific features of the fiber : evolution of the longitudinal profile,
SPM/XPM between the different modes, heat generation in active fibers for laser amplifiers, bending radius, twist rate, etc. When possible, an analytical model allowing an easier interpretation of the studied phenomena will also have to be developed.

Candidate skills :

  • Experience in numerical simulations in guided optics
  • Intermediate knowledge of Matlab or C++

The Nonlinear Dynamical of Optical Systems Group at the University of Lille announces the availability of a postdoctoral fellowship to study "EFFECTS OF NONLOCALITY AND NOISE ON NONLINEAR PROPAGATION THROUGH NEMATIC LIQUID CRYSTALS".

The main goal is to study the effects of nonlocality and stochasticity on nonlinear phenomena that occur during the propagation through a focusing non-instantaneous Kerr-like liquid crystal medium. Of particular interest are fundamental studies as well as control and management of light objects and trajectories such as localized states and wave singularities. In this way, we focus on the generation of spatial wave singularities (localization, shockwave, collapse, self-steepening, etc.).

The postdoctoral position is dedicated mainly to experimental but also to numerical aspects of this project. The ideal candidate should have a background in nonlinear dynamical systems, more precisely in transverse non-linear propagation and ideally in liquid crystals. Programming languages are C++ and MatLab. Experience with experiments is required.

Position and application details

  • The position is for one-year renewable and could start anytime before September the 31th, 2018
  • Net annual salary is about 25000€ for a debutant and includes a benefits package (health insurance, retirement, and unemployment benefits).
  • The position is sponsored by a grant from the CPER Photonics for Society.
  • The laboratory (Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molécules) is located on the Villeneuve d’Ascq campus of the University of Lille. Lille is a lively city connected by high-speed train to Brussel (30mn), Paris (1h) and London (1h30).
  • Candidates interested in the position should arrange for two letters of recommendation and CV to be sent (by email or post-office) directly to : Eric Louvergneaux

Keywords : Nonlinear dynamics, liquid crystals, Kerr media, propagation, noisy systems, nonlocality, singularity, transverse systems

- Post-doctoral position in theoretical quantum optics (published Dec 2017)
The CPER “Photonics for Society”, situated at the University of Lille, France, announces a post-doctoral fellowship in theoretical quantum optics.

To be eligible for the fellowship the applicant should hold a Ph.D. prior to the start of his contract and have experience in the area of theoretical quantum optics. The fellowship is for one year, with a possible renewal for the second year. The starting date of the fellowship is flexible, the earliest date being the 1st of March, 2018.

The net pay (after the deduction of social contributions, including health coverage and pension contributions, but not income taxes) is approximately 2300 euros/month. The successful candidate will work in the group of quantum optics and quantum information of Laboratory PhLAM on one of the topics of Contrat Plan État Région Photonics for Society and the Laboratory of excellence CEMPI ( ).

Interested candidates should send the following documents in a single file (.doc, .docx, .odt, or .pdf), to :
- A detailed CV describing the candidate’s undergraduate and graduate studies.
- A list of publications.
- A motivation letter.

In addition, two letters of recommendation of renowned scientists familiar with the candidate and his work should be sent directly by those scientists to the email address indicated above. The deadline for application and all required documents is the 31st of January 2018.

The position is financed by the Conseil Régional Hauts de France, the DRRT Hauts de France and the Fonds Européen de Développement Régional (FEDER).  

- Post-doctoral position in Photonics

  • Theme High energy and large band fiber optical parametric amplifier in topographic fibers
  • Research team : Nonlinear optics group of the photonic team, PHLAM laboratory, Lille, France. This team is based in the IRCICA institute.
  • Mission : The aim of the project is to develop high energetic large gain bands fiber optical parametric amplifiers at 1 μm. This project is in collaboration with the French atomic agency of Bordeaux. The candidate will have to design and characterize the fiber that will be fabricated in our own drawing tower facility FibertechLille. The group is composed of 9 people (3 permanents+6post doc/PhD students) and the lab very well equipped to conduct experiments (fs to cw lasers, high band pass oscillo, time lens system, optical sampling oscillo...).
  • Candidate skills : Experimental fiber optics, nonlinear optics, numerical simulations (Split step Fourier).
  • Duration} 1,5 years
  • Contact Prof. Arnaud Mussot (
  • Starting date : before end 2017

- Post-doctoral position in Molecular Quantum Dynamics (Group PCMT)

  • Theme Quantum dynamical study of small molecules adsorbed on organic surfaces (soots).
  • Keywords Quantum dynamics, MCTDH, electronic structure (excited states).
  • Candidate Profile
    • Expertise on MCTDH quantum dynamics, on construction of vibronic coupling Hamiltonians and on electronic structure calculations for excited electronic states.
    • Experience in chemical reactivity is a plus.
  • Duration One year (Possibility of a one-year extension is conditional upon results)
  • Contact
  • Deadline 23 of November 2016