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Séminaire de Mathias Marconi

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« Nonlinear dynamics and photon statistics in semiconductor micro and nanolasers »
Mathias Marconi, C2N

Semiconductor lasers have found nowadays extremely widespread applications. While surface-emitting microlasers (VCSELS) are commonly used in short range communications, on-chip optical data processing is now made possible thanks to the realization of photonic crystal (PhC) nanocavities. With these devices, the combination of the strong semiconductor nonlinearity and multimode operation allows the self-generation of robust and fast dynamics.
In the first part of the seminar, I will show that the coupling of a VCSEL to a saturable absorber in an external cavity configuration allows the generation of short pulses of light with properties intrinsically different than the well-known passive mode-locking regime. Provided that the external cavity roundtrip time is longer than the gain recovery time, the pulses of light become localized, meaning that they can be addressed individually by an external perturbation. The dissipative nature of these pulses make them robust and suitable for all-optical data storage.

The second part of the seminar will be devoted to coupled nanolasers dynamics. When the size of the resonator becomes very small -such as in PhC- the nonlinearity of the semiconductor gain medium can manifest with only a small number of photons and very low pumping.
I will review the different dynamics accessible in a system of evanescently coupled PhC nanolasers when the photon tunneling is technologically engineered. I will also link the occurrence of instabilities to the generation of new states of light such as photon superbunching.