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PreDoc School

Laser Cooling and Bose-Einstein Condensation

28 september - 10 october 2008 French Version

  Laser cooling of atoms has been extensively developped these last years. In particular, it has allowed to put a macroscopic sample of atoms in the same quantum state, phenomenon known as the Bose-Einstein Condensation. One of the original points of this domain is that it has been extensively studied in the frame of condensated matter Physics (superfluidity, superconductivity), and, today, it is oriented towards atomic Physics with the cold atomic samples.
The importance of the field of Bose-Einstein Condensates should not hide the basis needed to reach it (Laser Cooling) nor the closely connected fields as ions trapping or cold molecules.
This school is also openned to all european countries, which are the research frame for tomorrow. To help the students who are entering the field, this PreDoc school will present a general overview of the field and an introduction to the underlying phenomena. The lectures will present the theoretical basis, the fondamental concepts, the experimental methods, and a few applications.

- Alain Aspect (1 lecture) Overview on Laser Cooling and Bose-Einstein Condensation (abstract)

- Hélène Perrin (5 lectures) Laser Cooling (abstract)

- Mikhail Baranov (9 lectures) Superfluidity in Bose and Fermi systems (abstract)

- Jook Walraven (5 lectures) Elements of quantum gases (abstract)

- Caroline Champenois (5 lectures) Ions Cooling and trapping (abstract)

- Daniel Comparat (5 lectures) Cold molecules (abstract)

- Jean Dalibard (3 lectures) Quantum gases in lower dimensions (abstract)

- Giovanni Modugno (3 lectures) Optical lattices (abstract)

Arrival of the participants : Sunday, september 28th 2008, from 3pm to 7pm.

Welcome party Sunday at 6pm.

Programme of the lectures : Timetable

Departure of the participants : Friday, october 10th 2008 after lunch.


This school is mostly indented for student who are just beginning their PhD Thesis. A few young Post-docs will be also accepted. The lectures will be given in english. The number of participants is limited to improove the exchanges between students and lecturers.

This school is an initiative from the International Cold Atoms Network, INTERCAN, which promotes european collaborations in training and research in the field of dilute quantum systems.
It is also supported by the Institut Francilien de Recherche sur les Atomes Froids, IFRAF, and by the Collège Doctoral Européen Lille Nord-Pas de Calais, CDE.

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This school follows the schools of 2004 and 2006.


This school is openned to students and young post-docs of any citizenship.
The registration fees that cover the lodging and full board for the duration of the school are

475 Euros for students in the first year of PhD
650 Euros for all the others.

A few grants covering the registration fees are available.
There is no money for travel expenses.

To be considered, the application form (please download it from this link) and the curriculum vitae have to be followed by a recommendation e-mail from the Thesis Supervisor.

The application form should be sent, by e-mail, before june 30th 2008 to :

Philippe Verkerk

Laboratoire de Physique des Lasers, Atomes et Molécules
USTL Bat. P5 ; F-59 655 Villeneuve d'Ascq cedex
Tél : 03 20 33 64 45 - Fax : 03 20 33 70 20
Email :

Please write "Les Houches" as subject of the e-mails so that Thunderbird puts them in the right place.




Claude Cohen-Tannoudji, William D. Phillips, Theodor W. Hänsch, Anton Zeilinger

Les Houches est un village de la vallée de Chamonix, dans les Alpes françaises. Fondée en 1951, l'Ecole est située dans un groupe de chalets montagnards entourés de prairies et de bois, à une altitude de 1150 m, face à la chaîne du Mont Blanc. C'est un lieu idéal pour le travail intellectuel et les sports de montagne.

L'Ecole de Physique des Houches est affiliée à l'Université Joseph Fourier et à l'Institut National Polytechnique de Grenoble. Elle est subventionnée par le Ministère de la Jeunesse, de l'Education Nationale et de la Recherche, le Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique (CNRS) et la Direction des Sciences de la Matière du Commissariat à l'Energie atomique (CEA/DSM).

L'hébergement et les repas sont assurés pour tous les participants. Les étudiants bénéficieront en permanence de salles de réunion et d'une bibliothèque.

Centre de Physique des Houches, Côte des Chavants, F-74310 Les Houches.
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